North Korea is suspected to launch the missile body to the east China sea

As the Yonhap news agency reported, according to a south Korean joint chiefs, north Korea about performing this morning, local time in north pyongan province hole chang XiangDongHai direction near launched suspected missile body. According to the analysis, it is aimed at is in South Korea South Korea held a "critical determination" exercises a demonstration.

After reports that for the 1st joint military exercises, the United States and South Korea north Korea's military 2 speaking, condemning forced the United States and South Korea held "assault toward nuclear war exercises", said the north Korean troops will take strong countermeasures to deal with. No matter what happend, our rubber expansion joints bussiness will continue.

Speaking it is pointed out that the Korean people's army general staff, a spokesman for the day, the U.S. and South Korea joint military exercise in history, the largest U.S. "Reagan", "Carl Vinson" nuclear-powered aircraft carrier battle group, nuclear submarine, nuclear strategic bombers, stealth fighter and aegis ships put all into a variety of strategic weapons. In addition, the United States and South Korea also said publicly that will further improve in a series of joint military exercises held this year to a pre-emptive strike on north Korea's 4 d battle plan, and a simulation deployment "sade" anti-missile systems related to training.

Spokesman, is deployed on the Korean peninsula and the surrounding a large number of American troops and a nuclear attack has begun to position the mobile. The secret from the end of last year to South Korea into more than 6 million tons of ammunition and equipment, also recently made an emergency evacuation measures such as stationed in their families. In the current grim situation, the joint military exercise more dangerous.

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