The Support for Water Conservancy Construction from the Government in China

In China, Through the guidance of the government investment, financial subsidies, price mechanism, financial support policies and measures to encourage and guide the social capital to participate in major operations, water conservancy construction and will launch a batch of attracting social capital to participate in the pilot project.So rubber expansion joint will play an important role in the water conservancy construction.

For new projects to establish and improve the government and social capital cooperation (PPP), machine encourage social capital to franchising, a variety of forms such as equity holdings to participate in major water conservancy project construction operations. Among them, the comprehensive water conservancy hub, the construction of city water supply and drainage pipe network management should be in accordance with the provisions, controlled by China.If you have any need of the large size Flexible rubber joint, you can contact us.

To assume a certain public welfare task, project income fails to cover the costs and benefits, social benefits good government and social capital usury (PPP) water projects of cooperation, the government can maintenance funds for the maintenance and management of engineering and give appropriate subsidies.

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